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MyWoundDoctor believes that supporting patient wound care begins with helping caregivers reduce the fear and complexity with healing patients chronic and acute wounds. “Getting the wound to a better place” can be achieved by accessing our wound care experts easily through either our Provider or Patient wound care apps.

“MyWoundDoctor offers our clinicians a wound care service where everyone wins….the patient gets better care, the caregiver learns how to support the patient easily, and the companies paying the bill for health care get significant wound care cost savings.”      
Senior Medical Director, Tennessee State Department of Corrections.


MyWoundDoctor’s growth and success begins with business leaders and investors who believe that wound care support needs a better approach – one that is enabled by mobile technology and machine learning, and uses evidence-based protocols, and effective and economical savings of wound care supplies.  Building a business that can scale to support hundreds of patients per day is our team’s goal and we’re fortunate to work with these MyWoundDoctor Board members:

Ward Baker
Corporate Board Member
Katie Burkitt
Director, Operations
John Chadwick
Corporate Board Member
Tania Grant
Board Advisor
Steve Janicak
Chief Executive Officer
Jack D. Lowery, Jr.
Corporate Board Member
Nick Sieveking, MD, CWSP
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

The Company
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MyWoundDoctor is pleased to work with various customer and partners in collaborative efforts to help people heal, anywhere @ anytime.

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