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Correctional Healthcare Providers

Improve speed of wound treatment, while reducing the costs related to inmate transportation, emergency room and hospital admissions.

Improve Speed of Wound Care Treatment

  • Provide access to certified wound care expertise without transporting the inmate offsite
  • Store and forward wound images for stat and routine treatment care plans
  • Priority delivery of SupplyPaks for onsite clinician use

Reduce High Cost of Wound Care

  • Reduce transportation costs and security risks associated with inmate transports offsite
  • Reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations for acute & chronic wounds
  • Reduce expensive treatments and sites of care that are volume-based

Improve Patient and Employee Safety

  • Provide onsite clinicians with access to certified wound care clinicians
  • Prevent potential threats to employees inherent in transportation of inmates
  • Improve patient outcomes through timely and appropriate wound care