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Medicare Advantage & Medicaid Managed Care Plans

MyWoundDoctor® offers Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care plans an innovative telehealth solution to address the growing costs of wound care treatment.  The variability of outcomes and processes of wound care contribute to the concerns raised by payors and their customers.

Reduce Costs of Wound Care

  • Identify outlier providers driving up utilization of unnecessary services
  • Adopt wound care telehealth for discharge planning where appropriate
  • Reduce readmissions for surgical site infections

Improve Quality Outcomes

  • Enhance speed and quality of wound care through telehealth monitoring
  • Standardized wound care protocols to support patients with chronic conditions
  • Educate, communicate, and support patients for self-care

Achieve Higher Patient Satisfaction

  • Reduce pain and complications associated with infected wounds
  • Build patient confidence with frequent wound care telehealth monitoring