• Wound care healing and growth


Home-based, health care consumers – patients – frequently suffer from hard-to-heal or complex wounds as a result of surgery, circulation disorders or diabetic ulcers. People with disabilities or with chronic illnesses that keep them in bed or in a wheelchair may also experience wounds caused by pressure on specific parts of their body. In fact, more than one-quarter of all home-based care is wound care related, and soon becoming one of the fastest growing needs to help care for patients at home.

MyWoundDoctor helps patients, their personal caregivers, and supportive patient family members deal with complex wounds through its proprietary complete wound management services. Having access to MyWoundDoctor’s licensed and credentialed wound care specialists, evidence-based treatment protocols, and effective and economical home-delivered wound care supplies are keys to helping patients heal.

MyWoundDoctor consumer wound care services include:

  • Providing both the patient and their primary care physicians or caregiver teams with access to the MyWoundDoctor® Patient and/or Providers APPs for taking pictures of the patient wound and securely sending the wound image to the MyWoundDoctor-affiliated clinical team, who are licensed, credentialed clinical experts.
  • Delivers tailored wound care supplies (MyWoundDoctor® SupplyPaks) specific to each patient’s wound profile, including wound care supply use protocol instructions (in English and Spanish) in both written and video accessible formats.
  • Through convenient telehealth communications (text), reduces the need for readmissions to the emergency department (ED) for wound-related complications and prevents the aggravation and expense of traveling to expensive and inconvenient wound care centers or medical specialist offices for treatment.